Brazil Arabica

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Citrus acidity, honey, red and yellow ripened fruits, sweet
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Lot: São Silvestre microlot
Varietals: red catuai – arabica beans
Processing: Natural [carbonic maceration]
Altitude: 1,200 meters above sea level
Owner: Andrade Family Farms
Mill: São Silvestre & Capim Branco
Region: Cerrado, Alto Paranaíba
Country: Brazil
Taste: Citrus acidity, honey, red and yellow ripened fruits, sweet.

This coffee originates from São Silvestre microlot Carbonic Maceration, now owned by Andrade Family Farms which dates back to the Capim Branco Farm since 1901 – one of Brazil’s oldest Estate Coffees! The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,220 meters in High Cerrado Mineiro in the region of Alto Paranaíba, just 15 km. from Serra do Salitre City. The São Silvestre farm is well-known for its beautiful terroir, focus on the environment and not least its awarded coffees. After the harvest of the coffee cherries, they go through quality control where ripe and unripe cherries are separated. The ripe cherries are then fermented inside a stainless steel bioreactor. They are then laid out to dry in the sun on raised beds where they are shifted every 30-60 minutes which helps with the homogenization and quality improvement of the coffee. São Silvestre microlot has won numerous awards for its coffee counting the Cup of Excellence in 2017 and several regional awards in Brazil during the years.
They have high environmental awareness and near the farm you find an environmental reserve area, where lots of indigenous species are often observed.
All coffee producers have great experience and are continuously trained to follow the best work practices. The employees all have social assistance plans and work within high safety standards